Six Reasons to Purchase A Monthly Soap Subscription

Six Reasons to Purchase A Monthly Soap Subscription
Times like these are increasingly stressful and challenging. There just aren't enough hours in the day. We are pulled in so many directions and we quickly become overwhelmed. You are not alone! 
For this reason, subscription box services have been rising in popularity over the last ten years. Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage and there are literally hundreds of options to suit almost any interest. I myself have purchased a number of subscription boxes including KiwiCrate, ChatBooks, StitchFix and BumpBox.
A study completed in 2020 surveyed U.S. consumers and found that:
51% of respondents subscribe to try new products
39% of respondents subscribe because they enjoy receiving products in the mail
37% of respondents subscribe because it is easier than shopping for specific items in stores
Subscription box services are great but are they worth the cost? According to DoughRoller, if you are looking to save money on things you actually need and intend to use on a regular basis, a subscription service can actually save you money. In fact, the average buyer of a consumable product, we'll use handmade soap as an example, find they actually spend less month over month on personal hygiene products. The reason for this is that a monthly subscription box is a static expense that can be worked into your regular household monthly budget for items you would normally purchase anyway.
We launched our S.o.S - Slices of Soap subscription box in early 2022 with one goal in mind...simplicity. We recognize how busy you are because we are just like you. We have jobs, families, and homes to manage which leaves very little time for nonsense. Like you, we live on an average budget with few allowances for frivolous waste. That being said, I would venture to guess, that just like you we also appreciate the exciting fun of something new to look forward to. The S.o.S - Slices of Soap subscription box was built with your wants and needs in mind.
Here are six reasons you should purchase the Anthologie Soap curated monthly subscription box:
  • Convenience - a bundle of handmade soaps delivered each month.
  • Variety - each slice of soap is unique. Try a new scent you might love.
  • Mystery - every month is specially curated with surprise goodies and samples of new products to try before you buy.
  • Affordable - Only $20 a month plus shipping.
  • Trust - a handmade product and company you already know and love.
  • Flexibility - pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Still not convinced? Check out the testimonials from satisfied subscribers. Have questions? Contact us anytime through this site or on Facebook, Instagram, or at Want to save $10.00 on your first month? Sign up by Friday April 28th, 2023.

Want to know what the theme is for the upcoming May box? Here's a starts with W and contains our most popular soap slices.

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