Welcome to our Homestead

In addition to growing and raising the bulk of our food supply, learning to can, and generally becoming more conscious of our existence in this world; the ultimate goal was and still is to teach our now adult children and their children that life is what you create. It is through this dedication and love of family that truly sustains us. Homesteading is the “way” we live and our family is “why” we live.".

How it All Started...

I joined every homestead social media group possible. I followed several content creators on YouTube. I read every book, blog, and article I could find. We learned so much, the hard way more often than not, but to this day and everyday we continue to accept the lessons as a blessing. During my inquisition to all things self reliant I learned about handmade soap. The long history of handmade soap sparked my nerdy intellect. The reported benefits of a more natural bath and shower/skin care regimen, made from most things readily available in my kitchen was the clincher. After devouring tutorials I crafted my first batch of DIY laundry soap. Next came overcoming my fear of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, to make my first simple batch of bath soap. To say I love every aspect of making soap is an understatement. I am obsessed. That first batch wasn’t pretty but the process was almost as glorious as the finished product. If my skin could talk it would say, 'Hallelujah heifer it’s about time you treat me right.'  It took nearly half my life to find balance, in more ways than just improving my skin. I’ve made hundreds of bars of soap now, maybe thousands, and that passion and excitement still remains.

My Why

Everybody deserves joy in their life. Handmade soap is a level above anything chemically manufactured. However, being a superior product doesn’t necessarily make it special. In truth, anyone can make soap and there are many who do. Each with their own unique style and flair. Our mission is to make high end quality handcrafted soap juxtaposed by artisanal flamboyance. To be clean is only part of the journey. Our goal is to leave you feeling inspired. Life is beautifully chaotic and far too short for boring bath routines. You are worthy of more than the muted and mundane. You are special!! It is our honor to be with you, and to each be our own true authentic selves, and to share this thing called life. From our homestead to yours…thank you!

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