Life is but a collection of stories,

and there is a story in every soap.

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Our mission is to make high end quality handcrafted soap juxtaposed by artisanal flamboyance. To be clean is only part of the journey.......

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Just a Little Note....

Morgan Ceradsky

Long lasting and so nourishing! It feels good to know that I’m using quality products on my skin. The soap smells and feels just as good as they look. My favorite product, hands down, is the bath milks. I highly recommend 8nfinity Homestead, not only for their quality products, but the wonderful customer service.

Emely Hendl

We absolutely love your soaps! Our whole family. One bar lasts one person 6 weeks minimum. It leave your skin soft and not longing for lotions afterwards. Thanks for all the love you put into your bars of soaps

Shannon Tesina Stemple

I didn’t think I would be a fan of bar soap after using liquid for so many years, but I LOVE this soap! It makes my skin feel so soft and the fragrances are great! AMAZING!!

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