It's The Right Time

It's The Right Time

Right now is the right time to rebrand

Did you know that GOOGLE was once called BackRub? Go ahead…. Google it.

Rebranding is part of the natural cycle in a healthy business. Everything in business has a shelf life. Truth be told, a brand is only fresh and relevant for five to ten years. As the marketplace changes so do opportunities to grow. A change in customer priorities, social and economic shift (HELLO 2022), and market vagrancies can all have an impact on a company’s position.

Rebranding is the process, or reinvention, of a how a company and its products or services are perceived. Reshaping the visual identity of a business may include logos, fonts, website redesign, and even the brand’s name.

Research is the first step to effectively launching a successful rebrand. I spend a significant amount of time and energy in the research phase. I believe the research phase should remain a constant, even if a rebrand is not part of the current business strategy. As an entrepreneur myself I find that defining my business identity is a powerful motivator.

Differentiating business identity is the second phase of a rebrand strategy. This is the fun part. A flood of ideas and inspiration poor in. What makes one company stand out from another? How can a business redefine its key differentiators including its competitive advantage? It’s the proverbial question…what do you want to be when you grow up?

In the end, no competitive advantage is as powerful or sustainable as a strong brand. Creating a strong rebrand strategy may attract a new audience i.e., new customers. A strong brand can deliver on customer loyalty and brand equity. A strong brand can drive exclusivity while remaining inclusive to its core.

The final phase is the scary part…introduction to the world with a shiny new brand. This is brand activation. This is where are all the market research and data compilation culminate into the next several years of sales and operations. Rebranding can be a positive business tool. It is certainly worth the investment, if for no more reason than to better understand your business identity and how that serves your audience.

Long before the research phase, I spent a very long time weighing the benefits of a rebrand. Change is hard but rest assured that we are coming out stronger than ever before. Collectively, we as a tribe of soap maker and soap lovers, have a fresh and new journey and we’ll walk it together. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be sharing what this rebranded vision looks like. Words are not enough to say how much I appreciate every one of you for making it this far. Hang on tight because the future is just beginning.

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