It's Ok To Be Salty

It's Ok To Be Salty

Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras said, “Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.”

Sea salt, as we know it, is simply the remnants of sea or ocean water evaporation. Medically speaking, the human body cannot survive without salt. Furthermore, cosmetically speaking, salt carries several beneficial properties to our daily skincare regime. Adding sea salts to handmade soap acts as a catalyst which helps the glycerin absorb more easily into the skin. Combining salt and natural soap together brings out unique qualities of both. Sea salt is also rumored to draw toxins out of the body while providing an extremely dense and fluffy lather that is wonderfully decadent. A salt bar is mildly exfoliating; however it is more often described like washing with a polished stone. A routine of regular exfoliation is the antidote to dull skin.

A quick google search of local day spas revealed a number of skin treatments involving sea salts. Listed benefits of these services include maintaining proper fluid/oil balance of skin, draw out dirt, bacteria, and pollution from deep within pores, soften skin, and remove dead skin cells. Sea salt soaps are especially pragmatic in treating acne-prone skin. It is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant which works to fight acne causing bacteria. By controlling bacteria, which also causes odors, sea salt is said to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria by absorbing sweat and other toxins. Sea salts also help to balance the skin’s PH level.

Depending on location, the trace mineral and element content such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus can vary. There are primarily three types of sea salt. Regular white sea salt can be extracted from any ocean or salt body of water. Himalayan pink salt comes from ancient salt beds found in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Black lava salt derives from volcanic lava in and around the salt waters of Hawaii and off the coast of California. Black lava salt also contains activated charcoal and it is an excellent cleanser for skin. It deep cleans the skin and helps to remove impurities and toxins from your pores.

Recently I created three artisan spa soaps with salt. Learning about the salt and natural soap relationship was almost as rewarding as formulating my recipes and designing the bars. As stated in an earlier blog, I have battled acne-prone skin since my early 30’s. So first I made a simple spa bar with activated charcoal, finely ground pink Himalayan sea salt, and tea tree essential oil. All three components are rumored to be excellent, yet gentle, in combating a skin type like mine. It turned out beautifully. I added rose petal botanicals to the top for purely a visual aesthetic. These will be called Black Rose. Next, I wanted something really “beachy”. If you have ever swam in the ocean you will agree that nothing feels quite like ocean water on your skin. These bars were made with a basic white finely ground sea salt and named after a popular corner on South Beach in Miami called 8th and Ocean. And finally, for the piece de resistance, I wanted a salt soap that really honed in on balancing the energies of the human body. Using a special mold, I handcrafted spa bars inspired by the 7 Chakras. By creating a harmonious blend of black lava salt and handmade soap I have dubbed these Awakenings.

At the end of the day soap is still soap and it is meant to clean our bodies. Nevertheless, I truly believe, that a quality bath experience can elevate the mind, body, and soul. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. It does have a dual purpose. One to educate and enlighten, but the other to announce the release of our all knew artisan spa bars made with sea salts. These have been highly anticipated, and I am so excited to bring them to you. These will be posted to the 8nfinity Homestead website this Saturday July 11th 2020 at 12:00 pm CST. Keep following our social media pages, blogs, and website updates. There will be more titillating news and announcements coming later this summer.

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